Our people received some issues with her UCCX 8.0 client node.

  • 30 August 2021

Our people received some issues with her UCCX 8.0 client node.

After restarting some service and eventually the whole machine, RmCm subsystem will not beginning, it actually was jammed in INITIALIZING.

We investigated two troubleshooting secrets without success.

My personal coworker then started a TAC situation and finally they fixed the drawback. They developed into any replica concern.

Sign on to the UCCX Manager

1. Cisco Unified CCX Serviceability – > DataStore Control middle -> replica machines 2. hit Disable Dvds and HDS 3. hit Reset duplication 4. allow Dvds and HDS

drink tracks from CUCM in TranslatorX

I found myself troubleshooting a Cisco TelePresence incorporation earlier this week together with to evaluate the marks on SIP trunk area into VCS.

Since there’s no SBC in-between to debug glass on, there was in making because of with RTMT. In RTMT there’s a function called procedure track that’s excellent. It is possible to see or install the Callmanager SDI/SDL sign data. Though reviewing the logs aided by the constructed in customer or exterior copy editor program is often monotonous at best.

The good news is Cisco have a semi-official device also known as TranslatorX. We declare semi since it’s instead of the CCO obtain page which’s perhaps not sustained by TAC. This resource can parse the SDI/SDL traces from CUCM and present them in a Wireshark tracing elegance.

Begin by position their CUCM track amount to complete.

1. Serviceability -> Track -> Settings

2. pick CM work thereafter Cisco Callmanager

3. Put Debug Trace Level to Detailed

Get started on RTMT as supervisor and get connected to the CUCM club and obtain the sign computer files.

4. track & Log main -> garner records -> Identify Cisco Callmanager (all computers)

Press second without choosing any System Services/Applications.

We picked family member number to acquire wood files the past five minutes.

5. start TranslatorX, pull and decrease the directory including the wood files from the downloading index above.

RTMT Period Track

Obtaining the log applications and running them through TranslatorX takes sometime. If you’d like to rapidly take a look at a SIP tracing I recommend workout tracing in RTMT.

1. Callmanager -> Label Procedures -> Period Trace

Click on the look result to witness ladder drawing.

Enable diary occurrence per individual from CLI on CUPS 8.6(4)

As soon as the primary integration between GLASSES and swap is performed, each user must help schedule profile. In CUPC you can do this from the client, but also in Jabber for windowpanes the person must logon with the SERVINGS consumer web page to stimulate it.

There is no way for an administrator to activated it within the GUI, but it can be achieved from the CLI.

This command works for CUPS 8.6(4):

manage sql complete treatment spSetUserCalendaring((select pkid from enduser exactly where userid=’roger’),’t’,’t’)

I’ve viewed this command going swimming on-line:

powered sql revise enduser adjust enablecalendarpresence=’t’

But reported on Cisco this does not operate in 8.6(4) and also in earlier incarnations it doesn’t permit they fully.

Jabber model 9.3 will apparently possess enable diary profile purpose within the client.

Additional features in Cisco Unified interactions Manager 9.0

CUCM 9.0 is out, sport some great additional features, in this article’s our top 5 identify:

No. 5! Brand New End User Interface/Pause in Performance Call.

Number four! Native Name Queueing on Find Associations.

#3! community and LDAP synchronized customers supported at the same time.

Number 2! Assistance quantity regulates contact Forward thinking when using Local path collection.

Plus the number 1 new element is definitely… Any Time You record from a-hunt party calls are not delivered to separated spot.

Back once again within the lifeless

It’s come over 60 days since my own final blog post, I’ve been slacking a whole lot these days. I did buy the INE CCIE vocals top package a while in the past, and yesterday I died the CCIE speech Written.

These days starts the long and hard road to get ready for the laboratory, cya life!

Jabber XML config document generators

Nick Matthews from Cisco provided me with a concept about an outstanding means for producing the Jabber XML config document.

UCCX Retreat Program

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When you write a UCCX story you may have works for time and day of month, but there is no work for breaks. However you may use an XML document with periods to operate a against newest meeting to figure out when it’s a vacation or perhaps not.

It runs by initially checking latest go out, after that contrasting that toward the times inside XML document. If there is no match simply phone your standard story for regular time.

If you have an accommodate, it will probably look into the “tag” right for the date, case in point getaway or Halfday. Dependant upon the complement you can result in another software or perform a prompt or anything you want to-do.

My personal taste script stimulates a primary software if no fights determine. If an accommodate can be obtained with label “Halfday” they acts a time of time and stimulates the primary script to option to brokers.

If a match if discovered nevertheless’s not the label “Halfday” i suppose it’s a vacation and merely perform a fast.

Modify the periods per what you need and rescue it holiday seasons.xml and post it as a document with the UCCX.

Keep in mind that the day style is definitely day/month/year, you’ll change it out inside the program and also the XML record.

Trip Halfday Retreat Halfday Travels Holiday Holiday Halfday Holiday Trip Trip Vacation Getaway Holiday Halfday Holiday Vacation

Rename the data to Holiday_Check.aef Holiday_Check